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Where luxury watches and Web3 technology converge in a thriving community of education, innovation and transparency. Changing the world of Horology one tick at a time. We want to welcome you to our family!
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One tick at a time, innovating the luxury watch industry for tomorrow's customers

At Timepiece Apes, we're on a mission to transform the luxury watch industry.

Our goal is to create a bridge between the traditional world of luxury watches and the cutting-edge realm of blockchain technology.

We envision a future where luxury watches not only maintain their timeless appeal but also evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow's customers.
International and Premier League Football Player

Neco Williams
International Reggae / Dancehall artist

Collie Buddz
Our platform is more than just a marketplace; it's a vibrant hub where luxury watch enthusiasts, blockchain technology and innovators converge.

Here, they can exchange ideas, explore the latest trends and forge partnerships, friendships and push the boundaries. We believe in the power of the community and collaboration to drive innovation.

We have caught a glimpse of the future and are dedicated to helping brands, companies and retailers seamlessly transition into the era of Web3 commerce. We are committed to enhancing the user experience, ensuring safety and fostering trust in the secondary market.

At the heart of TAS are our core values: honesty, hard work and transparency.

These principles guide everything we do.
Education is paramount to us; we are passionate about equipping our community with the knowledge they need to thrive safely and confidently in the blockchain space.
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Timepiece Apes Society

(TAS 2.0)

A thriving community of watch lovers and NFT collectors.
Led by a passionate team of founders and ambassadors, we're more than a project - we're a family.

Our vibrant community is united by a shared love for luxury watches and the world of NFTs.

Within our family, you'll find a diverse group of individuals who come together to celebrate their passions and explore the intersection of traditional luxury and cutting-edge blockchain technology.

We're honored to have notable VIPs like Neco Williams, Styles P, Collie Budz and Rohan Da Great among our ranks.

These individuals, just like us, are avid watch enthusiasts and believers of blockchain technology.

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Unique Owners
World renowned Rap artist and member of The Lox

Styles P

Empowering Artists: Beaver Jam and Rohan Da Great

Web3 music collective / production studio

Beaver Jam Club

At Timepiece Apes, we are not just about luxury watches and NFTs - we are also passionate about supporting rising artists who explore the world of decentralized music.

This commitment led us to connect with two incredible creative souls: Beaver Jam and Rohan Da Great.

Beaver Jam is a project dedicated to empowering artists by giving them the spotlight they deserve.
It's a platform where creativity flourishes and emerging talents thrive.

They focus on cutting-edge music production for the members of their club.

TAS recognizes the importance of uplifting artists in the Web3 era, making Beaver Jam the perfect partner.

Enter Rohan Da Great, a rising artist originally from Jamaica and now based in the United States.
His journey led him to TAS, where he found a like-minded community that celebrates innovation and creativity.

The result? A collaboration that's music to our ears: Rohan Da Great, in partnership with Beaver Jam, dropped the groundbreaking web3 song 'Greatness Indeed.'

This synergy perfectly embodies TAS's mission of connecting people on their path to success.

Through TAS, Beaver Jam and Rohan Da Great, we're fostering a creative ecosystem that not only appreciates the art, but also empowers artists to reach new heights in the decentralized music landscape.

Rising Hip-Hop  / Dancehall artist

Rohan Da Great

Official partners

Aura Exchange is more than just a trading platform; it's a vibrant community where like-minded individuals come together to explore the world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. With their unwavering commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, they've set the stage for an exciting journey ahead. Stay tuned for the incredible collaborations and opportunities that await as we join forces with Aura Exchange

Aura Exchange Hub

With Three Monkeys Concept

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With The Bling Architect

TAS 2.0 secured its first IRL collaboration with The Bling Architect AKA. jewelry designer Karma Salman, based in Dubai, London, and Beirut. The designer created an exclusive design* for TAS, and the holders entered a raffle to win an exclusive bespoke caviar spoon. This was the first step in offering utility to the project, with commissions going to the community.

*The Exclusive Design Is Only Available On Our Discord Channel

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